New Album 'From the Heart' coming soon!

Surprise! New Album coming soon!!! 


NEDERLANDS: Valentijnsdag. Ja! En omdat mijn nieuwe studio album en mijn nieuwe NL tour 'From The Heart' heet, ga ik jullie vandaag laten kennis maken met de titelsong. Ik zal dit de komende twee weken blijven doen. Telkens hoor je weer een stukje van een ander nieuw liedje. Veel plezier en happy valentine!

ENGLISH: It's Valentine's Day! That's right! And, because my new studio album and tour is called 'From the Heart', I am going to let you have a preview of the title track. For the next two weeks you will see some clips come by on my social media pages with more sneak previews of my album. Have a great Valentine's Day, I hope you enjoy this surprise!

(Please note: The clip is spoken in Dutch and has subtitles! The basic translation is: "My new album is called 'From the Heart', and on this CD is of course the song "From the Heart". My Musical Director Graeme Press has made a beautiful new arrangement for me, and of course...for you!”)