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The Greatest Love of All

"This single comes from my forthcoming album “Songbird” (February 2022). An album of songs I’ve not performed or recorded before, but have always wanted to share with my audience. This single is a Classical Crossover cover of Whitney Houston’s hit song, The Greatest Love of All. It was the first song I learnt to sing when I started singing lessons when I was 12 years old. I had big dreams as a young girl growing up in Brisbane, Australia, of becoming a performer on the world stage. I always kept following my dreams, until I made my dream a reality. The Greatest Love of All is the song I sing to give myself strength to overcome any hurdles and block out the noise of naysayers. And you know what, I think it has worked! As my first singing teacher Patrick Robbins taught me, this song is about self respect, and you can't respect others until you respect yourself. "