by Irena on Weekend Notes

Those who have witnessed Mirusia in her recent concert, MIRUSIA – From the Heart, will agree that Mirusia can hold her own on the worldwide stage. The Australian-Dutch soprano, Mirusia Louwerse, is forging her path as one of the leading sopranos of our time.

Mirusia is personable. She talks about the excitement around the birth of her child and the grief of losing her grandmother and how she accepts this all to be part of the cycle of life. She dedicates her version of Schubert's "Ave Maria" to her grandmother. When she sings Ave Maria, her silky voice vibrates through me. Beyond my control, I feel tears roll off my cheeks. I look around and see there is not a dry eye in the theatre. I wonder how she is able to compose herself and not cry! I later checked some facts and found that her version of this song has over 27 million views on YouTube. 

Mirusia is charming. She is a delight to watch. She coquettishly engages the audience with her gentle humour and grace. 

Adding to these assets, she has a precious gift – her enchanting voice. Her voice is powerful and yet not piercing or forced. Confidence and control are words that come to mind when I watch Mirusia. These qualities give her the freedom to express her personality and tell a story whilst she sings. All this appears effortless.

It is also a real treat to hear Paul Potts sing - the special guest at this concert.

Paul is a British tenor. He won the first series of ITVs Britain's Got Talent which was the boost he needed to start his international career as a tenor.

Remarkably, prior to his newly acquired operatic career, he was the manager at The Carphone Warehouse. Tonight we watch as Paul sings alongside the gifted Mirusia. Paul represents the very meaning of realising one's dreams, even when they seem unrealistic. In acknowledgement of his efforts and witnessing his performance, people rise mid-concert and applaud.

Central to the show is a small, tight ensemble that complements the evening. They are an absolute delight both as a group and as individual musicians.

Mirusia – From the Heart continues its tour throughout Australia. If you get a chance then definitely see it!